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Norway topped the 2017 World Happiness Report. It literally means that Norway is the best place to live in the world. Located in the Scandinavian region, it is literally one of the most exquisite regions in the world. The country has long inspired the most beautiful landscapes in the world of fantasy, Disney movies, and animations. This very fact draws many enthusiastic travelers from all across the globe.

Sublime mountains, ravishing fjords, beautifully crafted rural villages, and the wonderful cities makes Norway a land which is best of both worlds. In simple terms, if heaven were on earth, it would be called Norway.

However, not many of us might have the opportunity to live and work in Norway forever. But, one can always visit and Norway should definitely be on your list. To pump your eagerness, here are ten best places to travel in Norway.




Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and has been the nation’s primary port on the West from the Middle Ages. Bergen is now both a functioning port and a tourist destination where you can taste some of the freshest seafood. The place was founded around 900 years ago with roots linked to the Viking age and beyond. Over 10% of the city’s population is in their youth, this adds an energetic and vibrant vibe to the city.

Bergen has also been honoured as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Bergen is often praised as the “gateway to the fjords”, surrounded by immaculate and thrilling waterfalls and steep mountains. Even the alleyways in the city go hand in hand with the beauty of the different styles of Medial, Art Nouveau, and contemporary architectural designs. Bergen is also abundant in art galleries, museums, cultural events, and food places.

Bergen is popularly known for its seven mountains which surround the city center with Hanseatic Wharf and the fish market as the best tourist attractions. Bergen also hosts the Bergen International Festival which is one of the biggest cultural events in Norway.



Flam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world surrounded by narrow valleys, steep mountains, and gushing waterfalls. It is a true paradise filled with surprising wonders for anyone who wants to experience the true nature of Mother Earth.

In the spring and summer, larger cruise ships glide down Sognefjord making their way to the Flam harbor. The train journey in Flam, the Flamsbana was recognized as the most incredible train journey in the world by Lonely Planet. One can experience the astounding sights of waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, mountain farms, and rivers cutting through deep ravines. Fishing and hiking are one of the most common and popular things to do in Flam.

For all you beer lovers, Flam offers you Ægir, which is one of the successful handcrafted beers in Norway. After drinking Ægir, you might actually never want to taste anything else.



Skudeneshavn is one of the best-preserved sailing ship towns in Norway. It is a coastal town which flourished during the 19th century’s Age of Sail. In today’s date, one can witness the well-preserved old white wooden houses and which were mostly built in the 1850s and are sustained by their proud owners.

The town of Skudeneshavn is run in high spirits with old-fashioned charm and flavor. It is packed with twisting narrow roads, wooden houses, art galleries, shops, and boat moorings. The cafes around the roads make some of the best coffee and waffles, the fresh smell of which will soothe the mind as you pass by.

It is a town which is full of life and happiness. The local market stalls exhibit art and crafts demonstrating their great work connected to the olden days of sea and shipping. One can also experience the great entertainment with shows by both local and national artists.



Oslo, the capital of Norway with rich culture and history of over thousand years. Only one-third of Oslo is a city, and the rest two-thirds is tucked in forests, parks, and green spaces. The city possesses world-class museums, lively restaurants and bars, and the Nobel Peace Center. On the other hand, one can go on outdoor adventures, hiking, and biking while still living in the city.

Oslo is also the best place to showcase and witness the talent of both local and international artists. It is also home to one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Top notch ballet, opera, and theater performances are in Oslo are a delight to eyes.

The Munch Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, and Holmenkollen are the must-visit museums Norway offers. On top of that, Norway also has free admission to museums and sights, free parking and public transport.



Tromso is nicknamed as “Gateway to the Arctic”. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was replaced with ‘Gateway to Bliss’ taking in to account the cultural natural beauty of the place. Tromso is most famous for the majestic and the ever-astonishing “Northern Lights”.

The world’s northernmost botanical garden is also located in Tromso. The seaside location and warming of the Gulf stream make Tromso a proper destination with mild climate irrespective of its northerly situation. Tromso International Film Festival and Northern Light Festival attract large crowds of visitors from all across the globe. Northern Norway Art Museum is also a great place to explore arts and crafts that are rooted in Northern Norway and up until today.

Whale safari, fishing, kayaking, hiking, and dog sledding are the best ways to explore the outdoors of Tromso. The nightlife in Norway is also spectacular with lively scenes, a wide range of restaurants and fresh arctic ingredients.


Whether it is fine dining, wine tasting, exploring nature, or spending quality time with yourself, there is no better place than Norway. The environment and the people of Norway are the best and will take all your worries and tension away from the minute you step in.


It is literally named the World’s Best Happiest Place to live. What else can we say?  


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