Cultural diversity and migration – Adding colors to the society

Cultural diversity – Adding colours to the Society


With growing migration, nations all across the globe are becoming more diverse. Societies, schools, and workplaces are becoming evocative with people from different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. Learning and growing with more global awareness and a better understanding of the functioning of the society. We see more and more people from different backgrounds and cultures than we have ever had in the past. It is one of the fruitful signs of acceptance and broadening mindset of our generation.


Yet, there are many parts of the society where people discriminate others on the basis of culture and ethnicity. It is an unhealthy sign of insecurity and bitter mindset. If we want to see a better tomorrow, we must accept people from different cultures and ethnicity.


To achieve this everyone must have a broader level of acceptance and cooperation in order to reap the mutual benefits. By doing so, we help ourselves and the society to grow together, which makes us all stronger. It also provides a ground for our future generations to live in an unbiased and dynamic society.


On the other hand, cultural diversity doesn’t just mean living together with people of different cultures. It means to embrace the unique identities of each and every culture as our own by learning, understanding, and respecting everyone in the society. Cultural diversity is one of its kind which enables us to think from new perspectives, experience new cultures, and to work on eclectic foregrounds.


You can bring cultural diversity into your own society or communities by adapting to new things. To open up by apprehending few things from our surroundings and environment.


  • Decipher and accept the cultures of others by understanding their values by simple means of communication and relationships.
  • Shun any ideas that may impose irrelevant values on others irrespective of their cultures or traditions.
  • Do not judge anyone who follows customs which may be weird according to you or your culture.
  • When talking to any migrants in your society who may not speak your local language, try and teach them but do not mock or make fun of them.
  • Acknowledge the fact that concepts of spirituality, well-being, gender, clothing, and eating habits are different and are good in their own perspectives.
  • Within in your community or society, have an educational setting which creates a common ground to understand each other and work together.
  • Conciliate any situation which might judge or hurt other people and any inappropriate situation which might hurt others.
  • Be an active learner, accept people as they are, and act the way you would expect people to act in your place.


Cultural diversity plants the idea that every person in society is unique and has their own style. It results in a positive contribution to the society making it a colourful playground without which people would be biased and working machines.


With diversity in full-action, we can see a society filled with more innovators and visionaries who will have a different approach to address various issues faced by the society. A person might be a journalist or an entrepreneur, at the end of the day all they want is to make their personal and professional life a success. For that to happen, acceptance is the key ingredient. Because no one wants to live in a world of bias and chaos where the streets are filled with judgemental people and environment with hatred.


So, keep your arms open and heart wide-open and embrace the warmth of the fellow human beings, not just for you or for the society, but for your children and future generations who are going to reap the benefits of your warm heart.


“A world without diversity would make for less intelligent people and less experienced people because of all the different insight and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,experiences that come with different cultures.” – Isabel Azmani.

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