International Migration – Enhancing socio-economic conditions of the world

. According to UNDESA, an international migrant is a person who lives outside their country of origin. A search for better livelihood is one of the primary aspects of driving international migration.

In today’s world, almost every developed and developing countries are a source of origin, destination, and a land of opportunity to international migrants. Increase in global complexity, mobility, and diversified growth facts are playing a key role in the rise of global migration. International migration is also offering a  bright future for both home and migrant nations. It is creating an international community, spreading love, and diversity. It comes straight from the acceptance of different cultures and traditions of all the nations all across the globe.

As global societies become more diverse, there are many opportunities and many more challenges faced by international migrants. Many nations and international communities across the globe are prioritizing a ground for the inclusion of migrants into their social, cultural, and economic circles. However, discrimination based on socio-economic conditions, culture, and race are still common challenges which migrants face all across the globe. UNU’s migration network website is one of the significant approaches in order to keep migration at the heart of research and policy agendas.

In the recent past, we have seen a huge increase in acceptance of international migrants. Helping each other in growing and making the society a better place. It is a privilege to be living in a generation where we are exposed to and can experience such diverse lifestyles. We are providing a scope for both developed and developing countries to expand and work for a better future, irrelevant of race and culture.

International migrants alone account for an increase in over 70% of the workforce in Europe. They contribute considerably to taxes and other socio-economic causes, which in most cases even outweigh the benefits they reap. A large number of migrants today are skilled and talented individuals. They are playing a key role in the development of various sectors and for a prosperous society. 

International migration in the UK

The UK is one of the most diverse nation, rich in colorful cultures and traditions resulting from generations of migrants with entrepreneurial visions and better livelihoods. According to a research, more than 1.5 million migrants are working in Britain’s health, wholesale and retail sectors. They are highly responsible for smooth and uninterrupted services in public and private sectors. On the other hand, International migration is also playing a key role in economic development and remittance. These two things not only benefit the migrants, but also the nations in their economic development.

International migration and their role in global expansion

International migration is one of the main factors behind the topmost global companies.When working with people from different nations and backgrounds, it helps in developing a world-class product, resulting from perspectives of different cultures and nations. In addition, migration also helps nations in expanding the service and retail products for a global audience. Thus, they help in planning & developing both products & services suitable for global audience and bigger markets.

At the end of the day, we all have to understand that more than one color makes a rainbow. For the same, migration creates a colorful and beautiful society, enabling new sectors of opportunities.


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