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Part-time jobs are the best side-kicks to aid our financial expenses. Some also do part-time jobs to gain experience, enhance talent and skillsets. Whilst finding a part-time job can be bit tough, it’s easy to get hold of with some smart moves. The only thing is that there is a growth of people working in the part-time jobs sector, making it more competitive. It is not only students, but there are also full-time job holders who work part-time jobs during their free hours. Mostly to grow their skills in a particular field or out of interest.

Before you start hunting for the job, you may question yourself to find the exact thing that you want to do: Are you doing this with a sole purpose of earning money? Are you doing this to improve your talent or skills and add it to your CV? Or just bored sitting at home and just want to spend time in doing something productive?

So, first, if you working for the sake of money, then you have to plan it ahead. You have to calculate the amount that you need by the end of every month. You may calculate your monthly expenses and have a clear picture of it. So, that when finding a job, it’s good if you make extra, but if you make lesser than the expenses that might leave you restless by the end of the month.

It is also a good way to learn new things and adding bonus work to your CV.

Before taking up part-time jobs it is also important to see if it really gets along with your daily life. Have a talk and a confirmation on how many hours do you have to spend on your part-time job. If you are a student, there are chances that you might fall for the money that you make in the beginning. So make sure that you make your mind up that you only work for a couple of hours alongside your studies. Be realistic, a part-time job is just to earn that extra money, but not to completely be dependent on it.

Being flexible can be difficult when you are working on two different things. You must plan the hours to work that wouldn’t collide or interfere your daily life.

Here is a list of few part-time jobs guide that you can work on:

 Part-time jobs in the service industry

The service industry is one of the most common and preferred for part-time jobs. It includes working in restaurants to bars to repair shop. Duties range from taking orders, cleaning up stuff, maintenance, guarding, and other related stuff. If you are working in a food service industry, then you will also be able to get free food as well, thereupon saving you a little money.

You can walk into any of the local food store or any service place and ask if they have any openings. Mostly they do, and even if they don’t they will recommend you of some places they are aware of. The best thing to do is to find any of your friends or people you know who is working and they could also get you through the job.

Part-time jobs in the retail industry

Getting into retail industry is much easier, but most often considered as a hectic job. It could either be of standing for long hours or getting through some annoying customers. But, it is not same all the time. Because retail just doesn’t mean working for retail stores. It also includes high-end clothing stores or local markets.

So if you are worried about working in any retail place, if possible you may ask the employees working over there. Most of the times they give genuine feedback which could help you decide to join or not. The work can be anything from stocking up the shelf to offering customer service to guarding the store.

Plus anyone can get into a retail industry without any prior experience.


Services like Uber are one of the best options for people who want to work with the most flexible working hours. A car and a driving license would suffice. You may register with the company as a driver, and upon confirmation, you can start working. Plus there is no around you always poking you to work or constantly checking what you do.

There are also delivery boy options which you could do with driving, which is also convenient and flexible at the same time.

On the other hand, you just don’t have to sit at one place with the mundane workspace. Here, as a driver, you get to meet new people and spend some time getting to know. There may be a chance someone who is working in the field of your degree or passion. So if you have a decent conversation with them, who knows if they like your attitude and they might also offer you a job in your field. It’s good, right?

Online part-time jobs

These days, there are so many new things coming up in the digital world. Creating websites, graphics, writing articles, and many more. Many companies offer a part-time job with decent pay. If you have any talent for designing or writing or any similar fields, it is the best way to improve your skills alongside making money.

In addition, choosing a part-time job relevant to your degree or goals will add weight to your CV.


You can also work as a freelancer in your free-time. Check our article to kick-start your career as a freelancer. 


Remember that part-time jobs are to add benefits and make sure that they never overtake your lifestyle or working unless it is you are employed in your dream role.

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